Korg Kronos Samples (KONTAKT and WAV)


Contains the 1446 original Patches from the Korg Kronos, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler (NKI files) and WAV files.

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Korg Kronos – A Whopping Sample Pack
for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV files.

Product description: 
Contains the 1446 original Patches from the Korg Kronos, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler (NKI files) and WAV files.
They are sampled in a professional studio, and eliminated of any unwanted noices.
Sample rate: 16 Bit
File format: KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV
Size and delivery: This is a 45.9 GB Download (19.5 GB NKI and 26.4 GB WAV).
Released: October 2017

Instruments / presets included:

Accordion (11):
Accordion 8+8 Casotto, Astors Bandoneon, Harmonica AT, Harmonica Dyna Wah, Harmonica Split, Harmonica, Musette+4, Musette+Principal, Musette, Sazzo Split, Zydeco Accordion

Acoustic Basses (7):
A-Bass, Acoustic Bass 2, Acoustic Bass, Fingered Double-Bass, Round A’Kustik Bass, Solo A-Bass, Solo Noisy

Acoustic Guitars (25):
12 String Guitar, 3Way Steel String Guitar, 6Way Steel Strings, Acoustic String, Alchemy Guitars, Calm Guitar, Dum Nylon Guitar, Flamenco, Fretless Guitar, Guitar Dynamic Pick, Guitar Pad, LoHi Velo Acoustic, Lovely Acoustic, Lovers Guitar, Low Bridge Blues, Metal Reson Guitar, Nylon Dynamic Guitar, Nylon Guitar 1, Nylon Guitar 2, Nylon Stalkings, Nylon Str Acoustic, Planeraty Wave Seq Guitar, Steel Acounstic Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Steel String

Bells (52):
Additive Bell, Analog Bell Harp, Analog Bell, Atmosphere Bells, Bell Factory, Bells 2, Bells 3, Bells, Bright Wave Seq Bells, Brite Sprite Bell, Broken Bell, Carillon Variations, Celeste, Clam Bell Synth, Clear Morning Bells, Crillon, Crystal Bells, Digi Metal Bell, Ensem Bell, Finger Cymbal Bells, FM Plunck Bells, FM Tubular Bells, Glass Bell, Glass Pluck Bells, Happy Kids Bells, Itty Bitty Bell, Little Fuzz Bell, Lotus Garden, Mystery Bells, Poly Six Gamelan, PS Bell, Pure Satin Bells, Rated For Bell, Resonance Bell, Shifting Bells, Silver Solar Bells, Spectra Chimes, Stardust, Stereo Bells, Stop Following Me, String Bells, Strung Bells, The Magic Chalice, Thinner Chimes, Tubular Bells, Twinkle Dust Bells, Victoria Bell Scape, Vintage Wind Bells, Wave Seq Bells, WindKist Bells, WineGlass Bell, Xylotopia

Brasses (54):
5Way Trombone, Big Stereo Brass, Brass Section, Brass Velocity Fall, Brass+Saxophones, Cup Muted Tp Tb Ensemble, Cup Muted Trumpets, Dark Stereo Brass, Dyn Legato Trumpet, Dyna Brass Ensemble, Dyna Falls Brass, Dyna French Horns, Flugelhorn, French Horn Ensemble, Full Brass Section, Full Detroit Trumpets, Growling Trumpet, Horns+Brass, Mod7 Orchestra, Mono Brass, Muted Tp Tb Ensemble, Muted Trombone, Muted Trumpets, Mutetrumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Sensitive Trumpet, Session Brass, Sforzando Brass, SFZ Brass, Slow Brass, Solo French Horn, Stereo Attack Trumpets, Stereo Brass+Tuba, Stereo Hybrid Brass, Stereo Open Brass, Stereo Orchestral Brass, Tape Brass, Tape Strings+Brass, Thin Stereo Brass, Trombone 4 Velocity, Trombone Duo, Trombones 4 Velocity, Trombones X Fade, Trumpet Open Tone, Trumpet Overblown, Trumpets X Fade, Trumpetscape, Tuba Dynamic X-Fade, VeloGlisUp French Horn, VeloVib Flugelhorn, VeloVib Trombone, Walking Tuba, Warm Brass, Wide Stereo Brass

Clavinets (27):
Buzzy Clav, Clav Register AC, Clav Register AD, Clav Register BC, Clav Register BD, Clav, Clavichord, Clavinet 2, Clavinet, Crunch Clav, Custom Clavinat, Digi Clavitar, Half Mute E Clav, Kompton Clav, Muted Clavinet 2, Muted Clavinet, Noisy Keys E Clav, Pulse Clav, Round Wound Clav, Snappy Clavinet, Spike Rez Clavinet, Sticky Fingers Clavinet, Velo Clav Mute, Vintage Clav AD, Vintage Clav BC, Vintage Clav BD, VSwitch Clav

Drum Kits (16):
Acoustic Freak, Acoustic Pop Mono, Acoustic Pop, BD-SD Cym 2, BD-SD Cym, Cajon, Funk Mono, Funk, Jazz Brush Mono, Jazz Brush, New Processed Mono, New Processed, Studio Standard Mono, Studio Standard, Wild Rock Mono, Wild Rock

Electric Basses (44):
Deeeep Pick Bass, Deep Finger Bass, E-Bass, Finger Bass 2, Finger Bass 3, Finger Bass 4, Finger Bass 5, Finger Bass 6, Finger Bass 7, Finger Bass 8, Finger Bass 9, Finger Bass, Fretless Bass, Fretless Dark Bass, Fretless Neck Noise, HB Fretless Bass, Medium Finger Bass, Modified P-Bass, Pick Mute Bass Sting, Pick Switch Bass, Picked Bass 2, Picked Bass 3, Picked Bass 4, Picked Bass, Picked Precision Bass, Precision E-Bass, Prime Time Slapper, Pro Fretless Bass, Slap Bass 2, Slap Bass Sting 2, Slap Bass Sting, Slap Bass, Slap’n Tickle Split, Stein Bass, Stinger Bass, Thumb Bass 2, Thumb Bass 3, Thumb Bass 4, Thumb Bass, Thumb Switch Bass, Velo Slap Bass 2, Velo Slap Bass, Velo Stinger Bass, Velocity Bend

Electric Guitars (42):
Butterfly E-Guitar, Buzzy String, Chime, Chords & FX, Clean Electric Guitar, Cool Auto Wah, Dirty Guitar, Dist Guitar, Dist Lead, Distorted Feedback, Distorted Guitar, Dynamic Pick, DynaMute, Electric Guitar, Electric Twin Guitar, Fly Studio Guitar, Funky, Glassy Strat, Jazz & Amp Cabinet, Jazz Guitar, Mega Muted Guitar, Muted Pick Guitar 1, Muted Pick Guitar 2, NewAge Hybrid, ODrive Guitar, Old Hot Jazz Guitar, Open Tone XF, Overdriven Guitar, Pedal Steel PreBend, Piezo Pickup Guitar, Plectrachime, Power FX, Pure Nitro Rockstar, Rotary Guitar, Screaming Tube, Spaghetti Guitar, Straits Solo, Tremolo Surg, Tube Set Guitar, Vintage Tremolo, Wah Lead, Whack-A-Wah

Ensembles (43):
Analog Strings, Arco Stereo Strings, Arco Strings, Beautiful Camera Strings, Big Camera Strings, Big Texture Strings, Cinematique Strings, Dreamweaver Strings, Few Bows Stereo, Hollywood Strings, Intimate Strings, Legato Stereo Strings, Legato Strings, Lucious Strings, Marcato Strings, Pizz Ensemble, Pizzicato, Platinium Strings, Saw Strings, Selection Strings, Slow Stereo Strings, Slowpop Strings, Soft Pizzicato, Stereo Analog Strings, Stereo Oct Strings 2, Stereo Oct Strings, Stereo Strings, String Brass Pad, String Pad 2, String Pad, Supreme Strings, Symphony Strings, Tape 16 Violins, Tape 3 Violins 1+2, Tape 3 Violins 2, Tape 3 Violins, Tape Flute+Strings, Tape Mixed Strings, Tape Octave Strings, Tremolo Strings, Tremolo Tension Strings, Village Ghetto Strings, Vintage Analog Strings

GM (125):
5th Saw Tooth, Accordion, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Piano, Agogo, Air Voice, Alto Sax, Applause, Atmosphere, Bagpipe, Bandoneon, Banjo, Baritone Sax, Bass & Lead, Bassoon, Birdtweet, Blown Bottle, Bowed Glass, Brass Section, Breath Noice, Bright Piano, Brightness, Celesta, Cello, Charang, Chiff Lead, Choir Aahs, Church Organ, Clarinet, Clavi, Clean Guitar, Contrabass, Crystal, Detuned Sawtooth, Detuned Square, Distortion Guitar, Drawbar Organ, Echo Drops, Electric Piano, English Horn, Fantasia, Fiddle, Fingered Bass, Flute, French Horn, Fretless Bass, Glockenspiel, Goblins, Guitar Fret Noice, Guitar Harmonics, Gunshot, Halo Pad, Harmonica, Harpsichord, Helicopter, Honkey Tonk, Ice Rain, Jazz Guitar, Kalimba, Koto, Marimba, Melodic Tom, Metallic Pad, Muted Guitar, Muted Trumpet, Nylon Guitar, Oboe, Ocarina, Orchestra Hit, Orchestral Harp, Overdrive Guitar, Pan Flute, Percussive Organ, Piccolo, Picked Bass, Pizzicato Strings, Polyphonic Synth, Recorder, Reed Organ, Reverse Cymbal, Rock Organ, Santur, Seashore, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Shanai, Sitar, Slap Bass 2, Slap Bass, Slow Strings, Soprano Sax, Soundtrack, Space Voice, Star Theme, Steel Drums, Steel Guitar, Strings, Sweep Pad, Synth Bass 2, Synth Bass, Synth Brass 2, Synth Brass, Synth Calliope, Synth Drums, Synth Strings 2, Synth Strings, Synth Vox, Taiko, Telephone Ring, Tenor Sax, Timpani, Tinkle Bell, Tremolo Strings, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Tubular Bells, Vibrophone, Viola, Violin, Voice Aahs, Warm Pad, Whistle, Woodblock, Xylophone

GM Drums (9):
Analog Kit, Brush Kit, Electronic Kit, Jazz Kit, Orchestra Kit, Power Kit, Room Kit, SFX Kit, Standard Kit

Harpsichords (7):
8′ Harpsichord, Custom Harpsichord, Double Harpsi 2, Double Harpsi, Harpsichord 2, Harpsichord+Pluk 16+8, Harpsichord

Hits (47):
16 Orch Band, 22 Synth Hits, Agressive Short Synth, Air Mallet Junk Jam, Band Hits, Bounce BPM, Brave-a-Danger, Bright Synth, Chord Control, Dance & House Hits, Downward Trend, Euphoricity, Fantasy Chord, Goober Uber Alles 2, Goober Uber Alles, Harmonic Dancer, Hit The Road, LoHi Hit, Maj HipHop Brass, Major Minor Switch, Metal Arp, Morphing Major, MultiOrch, Nag, Pink GuitaWah, Popcorm Bright, PreNuclear Stab, Punch Chords, Quick Decay Synth, R&B Planet, Rude Hit, Short And Snappy, Short Shift Pulse, Short Synth Mallet, Shorty Saw Lead, Shorty Square Lead, Signs of Sine, SkyBoy, Stereo Power Hit, Sus4Stab Hit, Synth Hitter, Tinkle Hit, Trance Arp Bliss, Velo Synth Hit Arp, Voice SFX Hit, We All Fall Down, We are the Korgbots

Mallets (27):
African Kalimba, Balaphone, Bali Gamelan, Birds in the Kalimba, Cavernous Toy Pluk, Cel-Limba, Celeste, Crystal Air Mallet, Glockenspiel Soft+Hard, Hard Glockenspiel, Island Mallets, Kalimba 2, Kalimba, Marimba Hard Mallet, MusicBox 2, MusicBox, Orchestral Celesta, Physical Mallet, Soft Glockenspiel, Steel Drums, The Long Drum, TrashCanRimba, Tubular Rack, Vibraphone 2, Vibraphone, Xylophone Dynamic Xfade, Xylophone

Organs (92):
3Trem Organ, BA the Sound, Ballade Organ, Bright, BroJ, Bubble Organ, Carpet Magic, Cat On a Mojo 2, Cat On a Mojo, Church Organ 2, Church Organ Pos Full 2, Church Organ Pos Full 3, Church Organ Pos Full 4, Church Organ Pos Full, Church Organ, Classic Organ, Comp, Custom Perc Organ, CX 3 Organ, Dark+Perc, Dirty Funk, Distortion Organ, Drawbars Adds High, Drawbars Soft Full, Dual Deep Organ, EX Glassy, EX Otone, EXChurch, EXistential Organ, Felix Da Cat, Full Organ 2, Full Organ, Gig Organ, Go McJimmy, Gospel Funk, Gota EX, GP Nice Perc, House Organ, Jazzy Ballad, Jazzy Organ 2, Jazzy Organ 3, Jazzy Organ, Jazzy Vib Organ, Joey Jazz, LotsO Drawbars, Low Manual Jazz Comp 2, Low Manual Jazz Comp, Lower Manual Organ, M1 E Organ, M1 Organ, Mega Organ, Memphis Soul, Mr Nice, New Dance Organ, Organ Perc 3rd, Perc Attack Organ, Perc E Organ, Perc Jazz 2, Perc Jazz, Perc Organ 2, Perc Organ, Pipe Organ Full, Pipe Organ Mixture, Pipes On Sunday, Positive Organ 1, Positive Organ, Power Organ, Preachin, Prog Chords 2, Prog Chords, Quiet Hymn, Reging Organ, Remix Organ, Rich Organ, ShoTown, Slow Fast Organ, Smoke in Japan, Soft Perc Jazz 2, Soft Perc Jazz, Soft Perc Organ, Tom Costers Full On, Tom Costers Rhythm Comp, Tom Costers Solo+Comp, Trance Form Organ, Velo Perc Organ 2, Velo Perc Organ, Vox Organ, Wah, WalkBass, Wave Organ 2, Wave Organ, WS Organ

Pianos (126):
2WayStereoGrand, 3Way E Piano, 3Way Suitcase EPiano, 4Way Switch EPiano, Ballade E Piano, Breathy EP Pad, BrightMonoPiano, Classic STR-1 EPiano, ClassicPiano, Comb Mark I EP, Contemplative E Piano, ContemporaryPianist, Coster Dyno EP Tremolo, Coster Mk V Fusion, Coster Mk V Pad, Coster Mk V Ring, Crystal Vector E Piano, Custom E Piano, Dark EPiano, Dark RnB Piano, DaydreamPiano, Detuned EPiano, Dirty STR-1 EPiano, Dreamscape EPiano, Duke Mark I Phaser EP, Duke Old+Funky MK I EP, Dynamic E Piano, Dynamic FM Keys, Dyno EPiano, Dyno Suitcase EPiano, EL Grand Piano, Electric Piano 2, EPiano DT Chorus, EPiano Dyno Chorus, EPiano Mark I Chorus, EPiano Mark I Preamp WAH, EPiano Mark I Preamp+Cabinet, EPiano Mark I Rotary, EPiano Mark II Preamp, EPiano Mark II Tee Phaser, EPiano Mark II Trem, EPiano MArk V Dist Cabinet, EPiano Mark V Tremolo, FM Chorus Piano, FM E Piano, Funky EP, Funky Tine E Piano, GermanGrand+VPM, GermanGrand, GermanNewAgeGrand, Giant FM Keys, Glass Arrow Piano, Grand Electric, Hard Stage Piano, Harmonic EP, HD1PianoDamper, Herbies Butterfly EP, JapanseBrightGrand, JapanseDarkGrand, JapanseRockGrand, JapansGrand+Strings, JRudessJapanseGrand, Kronos German, KronosJapaneseGrand, L-MaysGermanGrand, LA E Piano, Layered EPiano Pad, Lead To Rome EP, Lober Mark V EP Pad, Magic Tine EP, McComb Reed EP Wah, McComb Reed EP, Mild Suitcase EPiano 2, Mild Suitcase EPiano, Mod 7EPiano Pad, Oasys MonoPiano 2, Oasys MonoPiano, OasysPiano, Open EPiano, Pad Tine EPiano, Physical EPiano, Piano PowerPad, Piano&Technology, PianoSFX1&2Damper, PianoSFX1Damper, PianoSFX2&3Damper, PianoSFX2Damper, PianoWire, PowerPiano, Pulse E Piano, Pulse Wave Keys, PureStereoGrand, R-FerranteGermanGrand, Real Suit EPiano, Reed EP A Chorus, Reed EP A Tremolo, Reed EP Tremolo, Reed EPiano, RomancePianoBell, Smooth Operators, Spark Chorus Piano, Sparkle E Piano, SparklingPiano, Stage EPiano, Standard E Piano, Stereo Dyno EPiano, StereoConcertPiano, StereoPianoBoesy, Suitcase Bell EPiano, Syn Pianoxy, Tine E Piano, Tinetable EPiano, Tingly E Piano, Tiny Tine E Piano, Vintage Dance Piano, Vintage EPiano, Vintage STR-1 EPiano, VJS Reed EPiano, VS Wave E Piano, WaterPiano, Wave Sweep E Piano, WayStereoGrand, Woody Wurly EPiano, Wurlie-like STR-1 EP, Wurly EPiano, XFade Stage Piano

Pluckets (32):
Ambient Sitar, Banjo, Bisbigliando Harp, Bouzuki Octave Strings, Bouzuki Strings, Celtic Harp, Double Plucked, DynaBanjo, Ethnic Koto, Ethnic Pluck, Haleakala, Hammered Dulcimer, Harp, High Mandolins, Koto, Lamb Sharp, Lute CLassic, Mandolin Pick, Mandolin Strings, Mandolin Trem, Orchestra Harp, Oud Dynamic, Reversing Clanger, Santur Dynamic, Shamisen, Sitar & Tambur, Sitar & Tambura, Sitar 2, Sitar, Sympathetic Sitar, Tamboura Sitar, Tsugaru Shamisen

Reeds (34):
AltoSax Dyna, AltoSax Hard, AltoSax Soft, BagPipes & DroneBass, Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet Vibrato, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon & Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Clarinet Vibrato, Clarinet, Clarinets, Contra Bassoon, Contrabassoon & Oboe, Doublereed Family, E-Horn Vib, English Horn, Fall Doit A-Sax, Fall Doit T-Sax, Oboe Vibrato, Oboe, Sax Growl, Soprano Sax, Tenor & Alto Sax Forte, Tenor Sax Hard, Tenor Sax Soft, Tenor Sax Vibrato, Trill Clarinet, Velo Doit S-Sax, Vib English Horn, Vib Oboe, Vibrato Bassoon, Vibrato Sax, Villaen Pipe

SFX (69):
Alien Talk, Alien Warning System, Ask For Directions, Beyond The Crypt, Boiling Oil Pad, Clocked Noises, Close The Blast Doors, Coin Thwack, Compubacon, Convergence, Cosmic Frisbee, Cosmic Waves, Crypt On, Death Angels, Desert Racer, Distance, Dying In Space, Eleven Thirty Eight, Granular Laughing, Hemispheres, Hold On For Help, Inside The Gong, Inside The Tube, Into The Nebula, Les Elements, Mediation Tree, MS20 SciFi, New North Wind, New Voyage, Noise Blaster, Noizeblizzard, Noizesweep 2, Noizesweep, Orbiting Probes, Outside Elements, Perfect Storm, Piano SFX 1+2, Piano SFX 2, Piano SFX 3+4, Piano SFX 3, Piano SFX 3LR Mix, Piano SFX 4, Piano SFX, Rebel Cannon, Robot Dreams, Sea World, SFX Catalog 2, SFX Catalog 3, SFX Catalog 4, SFX Catalog 5, SFX Catalog, Shepard Tone, Sonic Blast, Space Gliders, Space Siren, Steam Sweeps, Sub Sonic Wardrums, Sulphuric Sky, Sweep-n-Drop, SynOrchestra Warming Up, The Engulfed Cathedral, The Final Frontier, The Great Wall, Transition SweepUp, Waterphonics 2, Waterphonics, Waveburst, Windchimes, Zombie Choir

Solo Strings (7):
Cello, Quartet Strings, String Quartet, Veeoleen Split, Viola, Violin Ribbon Band, Violin

Synth Basses (109):
30303 Toolkit, 80s Stereo, Acid Bass, Acid Square Bass, Aggro Bass, Antic Bass, Arp SynBass, Bass Basserson, Blatt Bass, Classic Punch, Club Bass, D’Bass, Dance Bass, Dark Bass, Dark Floor Bass, Darkside X-Bass, Deep Decay Bass, Deep Energy, Deep Kicker Bass, Deeppoint Bass, Dirty Little Girl, Disko Hammer Bass, Dist Squit Bass, Distortion Hard, Domination Bass, Dubby Bass, Electro Clash Bass, Evil Eye Bass, Evil Square, Falling Jungle Bass, FatLine Bass, FifyBass, FM SynBass, FM Sync Bass, Funkilicious, Future Clicker, Giorgio Ribbon Bass, Gonza Bass, Hard Sync Bass, Harmonic Lead Bass, Hoover UniBass, House Organ, Jungle Head, Kids-N-America, Knee-Deep Bass, Knock On Da Booty, Kriptonic Bass, L8Lee Bass, Lead RnB, Legato TB333 Bass, Mean Grit Bass, MS Dirty Bass, Muchroom Bassman, Mud Bass, Ninja Gaiden, NoFrets Bass, Nuklear Dog, Ol’ Doc Distratto, Old Style SynBass, PfatBoy, Phat Bass, Phone Home, Phunky Power 2, Phunky Power, Pickman Bass, Pilse Octave, PowerBar Bass, Punch Bass, Punctuation Bass, Pure Power Bass, Ragin’ Bass, Random Decay Arp, Rappin’ Foreva’ Bass, Raunchy Bass, Silver Bass 2, Silver Bass, Simple TriBass, Solid Phase, Sonic Boost, Square Bass, Squared Dead Bass, Stack Bass, Stanky Hybrid Slap, Steppers Bass, Strong Baddd Bass, Switch Ugh Bass, SwitchedOn Bass, SynReso, Take Me Home, TB BongOn, TB Phat Hybrid, TB Rez Square, Tek-n-Sweep, TeknoLife, Thick Synth, Thing Bass, Timpanic Bass, TopEnd Bass, Trauma Bass, TuBass, Two Classic Basses, Ugly Mud Bass, Ultra Wide Deep Bass, Upbeat Bass Morpher, Vector Clicker, Velocity 2, Velocity, VJS Decimation Bass, WoodBox Bass

Synths (384):
1999 Power Synth, 5th SynMallet, 5th Wave Stab, 5th World Stab, 80s Monster Lead, 80s PolySynth, Afterburn, Air Anvil, Air Mallet, Airy Fairy Pad, Airy Tails, Alien Crickets, All The Gitters, Amsterdam Momma, Ana Brass Lead, Ana Power Brass, Ana Spike Organ, Ana Strings, Analog Orchestra, Analog Plucker, Analogue Pad, Ancient Memories, Angel World, Angels and Butterflies, Aqua Phonics, Aresee-a-Vecor, Arithmacy 2, Arithmacy, Aromatherapy, Asleep Squares, Attackign Synth, Awaken Sign, Banshee, Bell Transforms, Betelgeuse, Beyond the Clouds, Big Bottom Lead, Big Pad, Big Sleep, Big Sunrise Pad, Black Hole, Bounce Shot, Breathing Ocean Synth, Breeze Pad, Bright Saw Lead, Bright Synth Decay, Bright Ultra Wide Pad, Brite Rezzy Synth, Bubble Pad, Bunkka, Butterflies, Candlelight Pad, Cathedral Fanfare, Cathedral of the New Age, Cave Chior, Chillfactor, Chokolate Sauce, Classical Ana Synth, Clock Dance, Cold Mornings, Combination Filter, Cosmic Farancew, Cross Sweeper, CX3 – MS20 Lead Split, D-Structo, DaFank Lead, Dare 2-B Square, Dark Pad, Dark Poly Stack, Debussion Pad, Deepest Vox Pad, Delicate Flower Pad, Detune Hop Lead, DialUp Modem Emergency, Dilated Pupils Lead, Dirty Organ Pad, Dist Satellite, Double Bend Gtr, Doubled Screamer, Dream Catcher, Dream Pad Pad, Dreams of Neptune, Dreamthreads, Ducky Synthy, Dust & Down, Epic Mix Filler, Eternity, Ethnic Perc Synth, EviDispersion Synth, Evolving, Express Lead, Fap-7-Morph, FatLivin’ Synth, Fear Not, Feature Shock, Feedback Noise Synth, Feehealing Pad, Film Score Pad, Filter Bank, Filter Rez Choir, Filternation, Five-Alive Synth, Flange Lead, Fluffy Pads, Flute Pad, Flutter Pad, Flutter Yoi, Flying Mashines, FM Fever, Freedom Pad, Fresh Air, Fun Comp Synth, FunKey Lead, Funky Comp Synth, Funky Rez Lead, Fusion Filter Sweep, Gated Pad, Giant Rotary, Givin’ Out Vibes, Gliding Squares, Glory Keys, Going Up, Gone Forever, Good Fairy’s Pad, GotFunk, Grand Wirey Pad, Granular Motions, Grid Lead Chord, Guys Whistling, Happy Airsynth, Hard Sync Lead, Hard Sync,
Harmonic Dubble Bubble, Harmonic Heights, Harmonium, Healing Guitar, Healing Pad, Healing Waters, High Octane, HipHop Synth, Hissing Pad, Hold Reso Pad, Hollow Skape, Hookie Lead, Huggy Lead, Icecream Pad, India Raga Flute, Influx Pad, Instant Viagraphy, Jellybean, Jericho, Keen Lead, LaMer, Lead Ting, Lead Vengence, Leader Of Trance, Leading Trinagle, Liquid Evolution, Live on Mars, LoHiFi Tension Pad, Lonely Song, Long Period Xomplexity, Loss Of Control, Lost & Falling, Lost in an Ion Storm, Lost Poppies, Lounge Lead, Mandoloid Trem Pad, Massive Pad, Massive Synth Brass, Meditate, Mega Lead, Mega Sync Lead, Mermaids, Metal Syn Guitar, Metalls Everywhere, Mirror-rorriM Waves, Mission, Molecular Surgery, Morning Indication, Morph Pad, Mostly Mellow, Motion String Pad, Motionspheres, Moving Cycles, Nasty Sync Lead, New Age Starterkit, Noise Shots, Noney Comb, Not a Case, Notch BellPad, NuBreaks Drive, Omnious Motion, Oxygen Lead 2, Oxygen Lead, Pad-O-Rama, Paddimotions, Paddylicious, Padme & Leadme, Pads in the Pad, Peanut Lead, PerkyVox, Phasey Parallel Pad, Phenomenize, PhoneBoy, Plain Stab, Pointed Anthem, PolySix Layered Pad, PolySix Lead Chord, PolySix Square Lead, PolySix Strings, PolySix-Thousand, Polysynth, Popping Lead, Popsynth Pad, Porta Stab, Power & Glory, Power Ana Brass, Power Attacker, Power Of Synth, Power of the Ring, Power Sync Lead, Powerful Euphoria, Powerfull Universe, Powersynth, Prismatic 5ths, Pro 5 Synth LEad, Pulse Morph Comp, Pulse Morph Lead, Pulsing Screaming Thing, Pure Lead Comp, Pure Square Lead, PWM Pad, Rainy Windows, Raising Hammer, Random Arp Pulsar, Random Pitch Split Pad, Reassembally, Reed Pad, Renaissance Fair, Resonate Pad, ResRes One, Rez Bottle Synth, Rez Lead & Bass, Rez Sweep, Rezbo, Rich Analog Strings, Rich Lead, Ripplator, Rising Endlessly, Romantic Pad, Round Poppy Lead, Rumble Breather Pad, S&H 5th Comp, Sad Saw Slow, Sad Wood Pad, Saw Sweep-n-Drop, SawDrops, Sax Synth LEad, Scattersynth, Sea Glass, Seading Sines, Secret Chambers, Sequence Bounce, Sharp Saw Lead, Silky Hollow Pad, Simple Saw Lead, Simple Square Lead, SineSynth, Singing Lead, Singing Sine Pad, Slow Filter Pad, Slow Metal Pad, Slow Metal Stryker, Slow Sine Pad, Smooth Screaming Lead, Smoothie Motion, Soft Rezz Synth, Softy Pad, Solar Split, Solar Winds, Solf Talk Pad, Space Pad, Spacious Pad, Spank the Plank, Spash From The Past, Spiky Analog, Square Rez, StabSaw, StabSynth, Stealth Sync Lead, Step Envelope, Stinger SynBrass, Storm Chaser, Stradivarius Sync, String Pad, Summer Night, Super Saw Brass, Sur’n Sweet, Sweep Pad, Sweepers, Swirling Notch Pad, Syn Brass The Sailor, Syn Pipes, SynBrass-Pulse, Sync Blaster Lead, Sync Commentary, Sync Soloist, Syncified Lead, SynGothic, Synth Brass Pad, Synth Brass, Synth Lead Memories, Synth Mallet, Synth Vibration, Synthonimic Stab, Synthy Plinky, Systamic Pad, Taboo Lead, Tearing Sync, Techno Anthem Pad, Tekno Sink Lead, The 5th Vector, The Changeling, The First Sunrise, The Fly, The Last Olympian, The Living Calliope, The Magic Box, The Pluck Rings, The Sublime Mariner, The Temple, Theinnoncence, Thin Ana Lead, Thin Fluid, Thrasher, Time Machines, Touch Lead, Trance Anthem, Trance Form Lead, Trance Lead, Trancosyzer, Tranquil Pad, Transformation, Transformer Lead, Triangle Pop, Trill Pad, Twisted Filtration, Ultimate Trance Anthem, Uniformity, Unison Stab Saw, Unison Tek Lead, Vaporization Pad, VCF Oscillation, Vector Resonance, Vector Victor, Vectormotion, Velo Expression Lead, Velo Filter Lead, Velo Filters, Velo Ground, Velo Reso, Vintage 80 Warm Saw, Vintage SciFi Lead, Vintage String Ensemble, Virtual Orchestra, Vocal Wavulation, Warm Analog, Warm Carpet Synth, Warm Pad, WavRotation, WeeoooVix, Weightless, Whales World, Whirl Pad, Whispering Flutes, White Light Pad, Wikid Lead, Wind In The Pad, Wind Song, Window Maker, Windy Atmosphere, Winter Vox Pad, WS Classic Lead

Voices (38):
Aaah Stereo Voices, Air Pluck, Air Voices, Alpine Voice Pad, Arctic Voices, BaDa Scat, Classic Choir, Classical Choir, Cumulus Voxalicus, Dream Voices, Female Scat Voices, Light Voices Left+Right, Male Scat Voices, Mixed Tape Choirs, Mmmmmm Male+Female, Mountain Voices, Moving Vox Pad, Ooh Stereo Voices, Ooh Voices Left+Right, Plaintive Choir, Russian Winter, Scat Voices, Slow Tape Boys Choirs, Soft and Sweet Voices, Tape 8 Voice Choir, Tape Boys Choir, Tchu Voices, The Mist Singing Darkly, The Mist Singing Softly, Tuned Steam, Uh Wooh Male+Female Voices, Ummmm Voices, Vintage Tape Choir, Vocal Ah, Vocalisms, Vocoder, Voxoasis, Wayooh Aah Mix

Woodwinds (19):
Andes Pipes, EleDidjdoo, Flute Dynamic, HardAttack Flute, Magic Flute, Mystery Alto Flute, Nay, Ocarina Attack, Ocarina Classic Tone, Pan Flute, Piccolo Flute, Recorder, Shakuhachi, Silver Flute, Tape Flutes, Tin Whistle, Velo Gliss Flute, Vibrato Flute, Woodwind Section


Compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Compatible with Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler (Please notice: It is NOT Compatible with the KONTAKT Player).
This is not the hardware instrument, but samples from the hardware instruments, for use to play in the compatible players and samplers.
If you have questions about compatibility, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

These samples are royalty-free for use only in your own compositions and media presentations. They are not for re-sale in sample collections of any form. All of our original Sounds and Samples sample packs include a written license in PDF format.


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