Korg M1 Sample Library (KONTAKT / WAV)


Contains 193 Presets from the vintage Korg M1 synthesizer, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler and WAV files.

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Korg M1 Sample Library
for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV files.

Product description: 
Contains 193 Presets from the vintage Korg M1 synthesizer, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler and WAV files.
They are sampled in a professional studio, and eliminated of any unwanted noices.
Sample rate: 16 Bit
File format: KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV
Size and delivery: This is a 1.9 GB Download.
Released: January 2018

Instruments / presets included:
12 Strings, A.T Rotary, Accordion 1, Accordion 2, Acoustic Bass, Aero Glide, Afro Bell, Air Vox, Analog Bass, Analog Brass, Analog, Angels, Arco String 1, Bambu Trem, Banjo, Baritone Sax, Bell Chiffs, Bell Ring, Block, Bottle Bell, Bottles, Brass 1, Brass 2, Brass Synth Halls, Bright Synth, Busy Talk, Choir, Choral, Church Organ, Clarinet, Clav 2, Clav, Click Organ, Cloud Nine, Cork Pop, Digi Bells, Digi Organ, Digital 2, Digital 4, Digital 5, Dist Guitar FB, Dist Guitar, Double Reed, Dream Pad, Drop, Drum Kit, Duu, DWGS Organ, Electric Guitar 1
Electric Guitar 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Electric Piano 3, Electric Piano 4, Ethnic Percussion Kit, Famous Pad 1, Famous Pad 2, Fantasy, Finger Snap, Flexatone, Flute, Folk, Frettless, Full Trem Organ, FV Wave, Gamelan, Glissando Harp, Glocken, Good and Bad, Gospel Organ, Grand Harpsic, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Haaa, Hammer, Harmonica, Harp, Harpichord, Hells Bells, Hold, Huu-duus, Huuu, Jazz Guitar, Kalimba, Killer Horn, Koto Trem, Koto, Lore, Lub Wave, Magic Organ, Magic Piano, Magic Waves, Magician, Mandolin, Marimba, Metal Hit, MIDI Pad, Mono Synth
Monsoon, Music Box, Mute Guitar, Mute Trp, Muted Guitar 2, Neuromance Brass, New 12-Strings, Nimbus, Oberture, Oblivion, Ooh-Ahs, Orch Hit, Orch Pad, Organ 1, Organ 16′ 22-3′, Organ 2, Organ 4, Organ Ensemble, Organ Perc, Pad Piano, Pan Flute, Pan Mallet, Pan Wave, Piano 16, Piano 8, Piano Stack, Pick Bass, Pick Guitar, Ping Wave, Pipe Organ 1, Pipe Organ 2, Pipe Organ, Pizzicatto, Pluck, Pole, Pop, Pot Covers, Power Synth, PSG, Res Synth 1, Reversal 1, Rhythm, Rock Guitar, Santur, SFZ Bass, Shaku 1, Shaku 2, Singuers, Sitar 1
Sitar 2, Slap Bass, Slap Funk, Soft Horns, Solo Sax, Solo Synth, Solo Violin, Square Lead, Square Pad, Stabi Clav, Strange, Stratos, String Rise, Strings 2, Strings 3, Strings, Super BX3, Surprise, Symphonic, Syn Mallet, Synth Bass 1, Synth Bass 2, Synth Bass 3, Synth Brass, Synth Forte, Synth Orch, Synth Pad Bright, Synth Pick, Tenor Sax, Timp and Bells, Timpani, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba Fluguel, Tubular, Universe, Vibe Hit, Vibes, , Voice Drops, Voice Wave, Voices, Wait, Wave Sweep, Wave Sweep 1, Whistler, Wind Bells

Compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Compatible with Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler (Please notice: It is NOT Compatible with the KONTAKT Player).
This is not the hardware instrument, but samples from the hardware instruments, for use to play in the compatible players and samplers.
Compatible with all DAWs and music software supporting WAV files.
If you have questions about compatibility, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

These samples are royalty-free for use only in your own compositions and media presentations. They are not for re-sale in sample collections of any form. All of our original Sounds and Samples sample packs include a written license in PDF format.


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