Korg M3 Workstation Samples (KONTAKT and WAV)


Contains 930 Presets from the Korg M3 Workstation, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler and WAV files.
They are sampled in a professional studio, and eliminated of any unwanted noices.

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Korg M3 Workstation Samples
for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV files.

Product description: 
Contains 930 Presets from the Korg M3 Workstation, multisampled in high quality sample rate, fully keymapped to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler and WAV files.
They are sampled in a professional studio, and eliminated of any unwanted noices.
Sample rate: 16 Bit
File format: KONTAKT 5.5x (and newer) and WAV
Size and delivery: This is a 84.1 GB Download (36.6 GB NKI Files and 47.5 GB WAV Files).
Released: Ovtober 2017

Instruments / presets included:
Acoustic Basses
A-Kustik Bass, Acoustic Bass 1, Acoustic Bass 2, Acoustic Bass, Bright Acoustic, Digi Acoustic Bass, Mono Jazz-Club, Plucked Acoustic

African Kalimba, Air Bells, Ambient Tubular, Analog Bell Harp 1, Bali Gamelan, Belaphone, Bell Freq, Bell Pad 1, Bell Pad 2, Birds in the Kalimba, Brass Bell, Clam Belll Synth, Clockshop Chimes, Crystal Sine, Digimetal Bell, Ethnic Bell, Ethnocentic, Finger Cymbal, Glass Bell, Glass Bells Pluck, Glass Bells, Glockenspiel Hard, Glockenspiel Soft, Happy-Kids Bells, Kalimbamba, Little Fizz Bell, Marimba Hard, Meditation Padal, Morning Bells, Musicbox, Orchestral Celestia, Organ Bell Pad, Pure Satin Bells, Reneissance Celesta, Saturn Dynamic XFade, Silver Solar Bells, Simple Bells, Slamat Malam, Steel Drums, The Kalimba, The Log Drum, Tubular Bells Rack, Twinkle Bell, Velocity Bells, Vibraphone Hard, Vibraphone Soft, VPM Pluck Bells, VPM Tubular Bells, VS Bells 1, VS Bells 2, VS Bells 3, VS Twinkle Bells, Xylophone Dynamic XFade

Big Stereo Brass, Brass Section 1, Brass Section 2, Brass Tp Vib, Brass Vel Fall 3-Way, Dyna Brass Section, Full Brass Section, Hybrid Trombone Section, Mono Brass, Pop Brass, Session Brass, SFZ Brass, Sharp Brass 1, Sharp Brass 2, Sharp Brass Sfz, Sharp Brass Velo, Stereo Open Brass, Thin Stereo Brass, Trumpets XFade, Warm Brass

Drum Kits
Studio Standard, Funk, Jazz Brush, B-Real Rap, Acoustic Pop, Wild Rock, Processed, Electro Rock, Insane FX, Nu Style, Hip Hop, Tricki, Mashed, Drum n Bass, House, Trance, Hard House, Psycho Chill, Down Low Rap, Orch Ethnic, Original Perc, Brazil Perc, Cuban Perc, Conga Variation, Misc Percussion, Vinyl Loop, DJ Beat Box, Rap Gospel, Industry Vocal, Kick Snare Cymb 1, Kick Snare Cymb 2, Cymbal, Cymbal Roll, Marktree, China Gong, Gated Funk, Instant Loop, Low Bit, New Mega Drum, Samba Perc, Timpani Splits

Electric Basses
Dark Fretless, Distorted Bass, Dual Mixed E-Bass, Fat Finger Bass, Finger Bass 1, Finger Bass 2, Finger Bass 3, Finger Bass 4, Finger Bass 5, Finger Bass 6, Finger Bass 7, Finger Comp Bass, Fretless Chorus Bass, Gnarly Rock Bass, Grange Bass, HB Fretless Bass, Mono Dyna Slap 1, Mono Dyna Slap 2, Mono Wah Slap, Octaver Drive Bass, Picked Bass 1, Picked Bass 2, Picked Elec Bass, Picked Precision Bass, Picked Velocity Mute, Pro Fretless Bass, Rezzy Oct Slap, Slap Bass String, Solid Finger Bass, Stringer Bass, Thumb Bass 1, Thumb Bass 2, Velo Bend Bass, Warm Fretless

Electric Guitars
Ampy Driven EG, Austin Guy, Blues Elec Guitar, Blues Tweet, Boutique Lead Guitar, Brit Guitar, Captain Speed Fingers, Cool AutoWah Guitar, Crunch Lead Guitar, Dark Ballad Guitar, Dirty Guitar, Dist Jsy Guitar, Distorted Guitar Lead 1, Distorted Guitar Lead 2, Double Power Chord, Dyna Clean Guitar, E Guitar Dyna Pick, Elec Guitar Tubeman, Elec Guitar Tweed, Elec Guitar Twin, Emo Velo Powerchord, Fly Studio Guitar, Funk Mute E Guitar, Funkadillo Mute E Guitar, Funkaholic Mute E Guitar, Glassy Strat, Greenbach Lead, Gtr Power Chords FX, Hybrid E Guitar, Hybrid Guitar, Jazz Guitar Amp Cabinet, Jazz Guitar Mellow, JS Wah Lead, LA Velo Mute Open, Mega Mute Guitar, Muted Pick 1, Muted Pick 2, New Fuzz Velo, OD Rock Guitar, OverDrive Guitar, Pedal Steel, Power Guitar FX, Power Metal, Rhythm n Blues, Roadhouse Blues, Rotary Guitar, Royal, Screaming Tube Guitar, Semi Dist Guitar, Semihollow Body, Sixties Twang, Slow Rotary, Stereo Clean, Strat Swell Pad, Talking Mod, Telly Comp, Thick Tremolo, Tremolo-matic, Twin Telly, Vintage Rock, Vintage Tremolo, Wah Metal, Whack-a-Wah, XFade E Guitar

Electric Pianos
Attack Stage Piano, Ballad Suit, BiPhase E-Piano, Bright Stage E-Piano, Custom E-Piano, Deep Phaser E-Piano, Direct E-Piano 1, Direct E-Piano 2, Dist Black Wurly, Dyna My Electric, Dyno Chorus E-Piano, Dyno Comp E-Piano, Ghetto Tremolo Wurly, Light Phaser E-Piano, Master Dyno E-Piano, Master Rho Piano 1, Master Rho Piano 2, Master Wurly E-Piano, Mild Suitcase EP, Old 140A Wurly, Open E-Piano, Pan Suit EP 1, Pan Suit EP 2, Pan Suit EP Pad 1, Pan Suit EP Pad 2, Phaser E-Piano, Phunky Drive EP, Pure Wurly E-Piano, Real Suit E-Piano, Reed E-Piano, Rich Tea E-Piano, Rubber Hammers E-Piano, Silver Case E-Piano, Stage EP Amp Type 1, Stage EP Amp Type 2, Stage EP Amp Type 3, Stage EP Amp Type 4, Stereo Dyno E-Piano, Stereo Suitcase, Suit 73 E-Piano, Suit E-Piano Keyoff, Suit EP Overdrive, The Pho Piano Tremolo, Tremolo Oooly E-Piano, Tremolo Wurly, Vintage Wurly Drive, Vintage Wurly Vibrato, Wah Panning E-Piano, Wurly E-Piano

M3 Synth Pianos
Advanced DWGS E-Piano 1, Advanced DWGS E-Piano 2, Advanced VPM E-Piano 1, Advanced VPM E-Piano 2, Advanced VPM E-Piano 3, Advanced VPM E-Piano 4, Advanced VPM E-Piano 5, Ballade E Piano, Bell Rose, Breathy EP Pad, Dark RNB Piano, DeLuxe E-Piano, Digi E-Piano, Dynamic E-Piano, Electric Piano 2, Formant VPM, Funky Tine E Piano, Piano Power Pad, Smooth Operator, SynPianoxy, Synthetic Piano, Tiny Tine E Piano, Vintage Elektra Piano, VPM E-Piano, VS Wave Piano, Warmy E Piano

Motion Pads
Apollo Pad, Aqua Phonics, Butterflies, Dark Evolution, Dream Catcher, Eternity, Evolving, Flutterz, Fluty Breath Pad, Flying Mashines, Fuller Pad, Kaleidoscope, Liquid Evolution, Loat and Falling, Manual Lore, Morphing Cloud, Motion Pad 1, Motion Pad 2, Pod in the Pad, Scatter Synth, Sea Glass, Shimmer Sparkle, Spirals and Steps, The Good Fairys Pad, Time Machines, Transformation, Twinkle Pad, VS Waves Mirror, Whirl Pad, Windy Atmosphere

16 8 Perc Organ, 1966s Organ, 888 3rd Perc Organ, Analog Org Pc51, Ballade Organ, Basic Medium Organ, Brit Entertain, Bunker Organ, Chappel Organ, Church Positive, Circus Organ, CX3 Dark Perc, CX3 Organ, CX3 Registers, Dark Blues OD, Dist Organ Perc, Distortion Organ, Drawbar Organ 1, Drawbars Full, Drawbars Highs, DSGW Church Full, DSGW Church Med, DSGW Mix Organ, DSGW Soft Organ, Electronic Pipes, Entertain Organ, French Big Pipe, Full Power BX3, Full Power Organ, Full Reed Organ, Full Rock CX3, Gospel BX3, Gospel CX3 Var, Hard Rock Organ, Jazz Organ Dist Perc, Jazz Perc Organ, Jazzy Dark Organ, Jazzy Full Organ, Jazzy Med Organ, Jazzy Organ, Legendary CX3, Lounge Jazz Organ, Lounge Perc Organ, M1 Perc Organ, Master Full Organ, Master Organ 1, Master Organ 2, Master Organ 3, Master Organ 4, Master Perc Organ, Master Perc Rock, Medium Chappel, Old Cheesy Organ, Old Movie Organ, Old Rock CX3, Pale Shade Organ, Perc 1 3 Organ, Perc 3rd Dist Organ, Perc Blues OD, Perc Organ, Perc Rock CX3, Percussive Organ 1, Percussive Organ 2, Pipe Full, Pipe Organ Full, Pipe Organ Mix, Pipe Organ Mixture, Pipe Organ Positive, Positive Organ, Ribbon Organ, Rock Organ DBars, Rock Organ, Rock Perc Organ, Screamin CX3, Single Perc Organ, Smoke House Organ, Sweet Chapel Organ, Techno Organ Lead, The Big C, Tonewheel L-R, Tonewheel Leakage, UK Rock Organ, Vox E Organ 1, Vox E Organ 2, Vox Organ Perc, Vox Organ SW2, Warm Comp CX3

AcGrand E-Piano, Ballad Piano Stack, C-Piano Dry, Cinematic Piano, Classic Piano Damper, Classic Rock Piano, CP 8080, CP Electric Grand, Dark Warm Grand, DayDream Piano, Dynamic Grand, Electric Grand 2008, Grand PF Mono, Grand PF on Stage, Honkey Tonk Piano, Layered Piano, M1 Grand PF on Stage, M1 Piano Delay, M1 Piano Pad, M1 Piano, M3 Grand, M3 Piano Damper, Metallic Grand, Natural Warm Grand, New Harmonic Grand, Piano Guitar Pad, Pickup E Grand, Piezo Piano Pad, Real Piano Strings, Romance Piano Bell, Saloon Tack Piano, SD 1D New Piano, Sparkling Piano, Stereo Concert Piano, Stereo Grand 4-Way, Stereo Midi Piano, Stereo Piano Damper, Stereo Pro Piano, Thin Bright Grand, Upright Comp Piano

Alexandoria, Bouzuki Octave Strings, Dream Harp, Dyna Banjo, Harp Nails, Koto SW1 at Bend, Mandolin Pick, Mandolin Trem Str, Middle East Pluck, Oud Dynamic XFade, Picasso Pluck 1, Picasso Pluck 2, Quiet Place, Shamisen SW1 Double, Sitar SW2, Star Tambura

Alien Dance, Ask for Direction, Baltan Alien, Bird Melody, Close the Blast Doors, Coin Thwack, Cosmic Frisbee, Cosmic Waves, Crypt-On, Distant Ice, Falling Down, From the Dark Side, Hemispheres, Jungle Habitat, Lost World, Meditation Tree, New Voyage, New World Wind, Ominouse Orch Pad, Orbiting Probes, Outside Elements, Perfect Storm, Signals From Space, Sonic Blast, Space Dust, Space Gliders, Steam Sweeps, Stereo Flange Sweep, Subsonic War Drums, Sweep-n-Drop, The Great Wall, World End, Wuukkee FX

Short Decay Hits
Anattack, Brass Hit, Bright Synth Hits, Dance House Hits, Double Hits, Dyna Hits, Gober Uber Alles, Heavy LoFi Synth Hits, Hit the Road, Lo-Hi Hit, Mega Orch Hit, Mega Synth Hit, Metal Arp, Multi Orch Hit, Popcorn Hit, R&B Planet, S&H Sync Shot, Short Saw Arp, Short Square Asp, Sky Boy, Stereo Power Hit, Syn Mallet, Synth Chord Hit, Synth Hitter, Tech Blip, Tinkle Hit, We All Fall Down

Analog Strings Ens, Analog Strings Pad 1, Analog Strings Pad 2, Analog Strings Stereo, Analog Strings, Analog Syn Strings, Arco Stereo Strings, Beatiful, Brt Rosen Marcato, Cello Solo Pizz, Dark Film String, E Cello E Violin, Erhu Octave Duet, Erhu SW1, Few Bows Stereo, Hollywood Strings, Intimite Strings, Krimson Strings, Legato Strings, Mellow Tron, Multi Mode Strings, Pizz Ensemble Solo 1, Pizz Ensemble Solo 2, Platinum Strings, Progressive Ana Strings, Small String Section, Stereo Oct Strings, Stereo Strings Legato, String Duo, String Pad 1, String Pad 2, String Pad, String Quartet Pizz, String Symphony, Strings Marcato, Strings Quartet, Strings Vib Pad, Super Analog Strings, Symphonic Strings, Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Strings, Tremolandi Strings, Tremolo Strings, Tron Cellos Ribbon, Tron Mixed Strings Rbn, Tron Strings Ribbon, Vib StrQuartet Pizz, Vib Violin Solo Pizz, Vintage Analog Strings, Viola Solo Pizz, Violin Solo Pizz, Wide Hall Strings

Synth Basses
2 Deep Bass, 2 The Point, Blue Acid Bass, Boost Pedal Bass, Comp Synth Bass, Cyber Kick Bass, Dark Floor Bass, Dark Point Bass, Dark Round Wound, Deep in the Growler, Deep SynBass, Distortion Head, Dynamic Synth Bass, Ef Em Bass, Electro Big Bass, Elephant Sub Bass, Evil Eye Bass, Father of Disco Bass, Funkylicious Bass, Hard Sync Bass, Harmonic Bass, Heavy O, Hip-Hop Shop, House Organ Bass, Junglehead, Kriptonik Bass, Magnum Bass, Manticore Bass, Memento Mori, MG Funk Bass, Mojuba Bass, Mud Bass, Noisy Synth Bass, Phat Saw Bass, Phone Home Bass, Plump House Bass, Power Bass, Props Bass, Pulsing Bass, Push Up Bass, Ragin Bass, Raunchy Bass, Resonant Attack Bass, Rezziz Bazz, RNB Bass Lead, Saw Synth Bass, Secret Rez Bass, Strong Baddd Bass, Syn Reso Bass, Take Me Home, Techtone Bass, Tek Square Bass, Trauma Bass, Vari-Syn Bass, Vilcan Ear Bass, VPM Syn Bass, VS Pluck with WOW, Woody Syn Bass

1984 Synth, 4am Lead Synth, 5th Saw Lead, 80s Analead, 80s Synth Brass Pad, Airy Trails, Amsterdam Momma, Ana 2 Real Strings, Analog Ensemble, Analog Soft Brass, Angel World, Atmosphere, Attacking Synth, Aurora, Beautiful Longings, Beauty Keys, Bowed Glass, Brass Choir Pad, Breeze Pad, Bright Mini, Bright Saw Lead, Bright Square Lead, Brightness, Brite Bold Saws, Brite Rezzy Synth, Chiff Lead, Classic Analog Lead, Classic Unison Lead, Cloud City, Cross Sweeper, Crossover Lead, Cutting Rez Lead, Danger Web, Dark Phaser Pad, Dark Smooth Pad, Debussion Pad, Deep Soul Lead, Deepest Vox, Detuned Sawtooth, Detuned Square, Diss, Dist Satellite, Double Synth, Dream Wave 1, Dream Wave 2, Dyna Pulse, Echo Drops, Electro Stab, Envo-Rez Lead, Eternal Pad, Evoxativity Pad, Express Lead, Fantasia, Fear Not, Filter Bank, Filtered Syn Brass, Flute Pad, Formant Pad, Freedom Pad, Fresh Air, Fun Comp Synth, Gentle Syn String, Ghost Motions, Ghost Organ, Giving Out Vibes, Gliding Squares, Happy Air Synth, Hard Squeeze, Harpibrass, Hi-Pass Synth Brass 1, Hi-Pass Synth Brass 2, Hi-Pass Synth Solo, High Octive HPF Sweep, Huggy Lead, Hybrid String Pad, Hybrid Synth Orch Brass, Ice Rain, Its Play, Jedd Clamp, Laied Maze, Late Night Pad, Lead Thing, Lead with a Vengence, Leader of Trance, Leading Sines, Liquid Squares, Long Crystal, Lucky Lead, Mass Destruction, MassBrass Pad, Master Synth Brass, Maze Square Lead, Meditate, Mega Lead, Mega Sync Lead, Metallic Pad, MG SawLead, Modern Sol Strings, Muffler, Noise Pad, NorthWest Passage, Notchstradamus, Octave Sines, Oddy Say Pad, Pad Hissing, Pad-o-Rama, Padme Leadme, Padylicious, Perky Vox Synth, Phase Synth Bass, Phaze Radiator, PMOR Lead, Poly Six in the City, Polyphonic Synth, Polytti Comp, Pop Synth Pad, PortoPulse Lead, Power Synth, Powerful Euphoria, Pro Synth Lead, Pulse Morph Comp, Pulse Morph Lead, Pure Power 5th, Rap Squeeze 1, Rap Squeeze 2, Rappers Delight, Rat Chords, Reed Pad, ResRes One Mono Lead, Retro Analog Comp, Ripplator, Round Sloppy Lead, Ryden Lead, Saw Synth Brass, Screaming Mini, Sea Ice Pad, Separate Ways, Show Metal, Siberia, Silent Pad, Simple Rez Pad, Sine Synth, Singing Lead, Sky Diamond, Slow Frange Pad, Slow Sine Pad, Soft Rezz Synth, Soft Synth, Soft Unison Lead, Solid Analog, Sound Track, Spectral Voices, Spiky Analog, Splash from the Past, Square Mini, Squeekish Lead, Squelchy Lead, Star Theme, Stealth Sync Lead, Storm Chaser, Super Analog Pad, Surfin PWM Lead, Sweep Detune Lead, Sweep Orchestra, Sweep Pad, Swirling Lead, Syn Brass The Sailor, Syn Clarinet, Syn Harmonica, Syn Mallet 5th, Syn Panflute Lead, Syn Pipes, Sync’d Lead, Syncified Lead, Synth Brass 1, Synth Brass 2, Synth Brass Pad, Synth Calliope, Synth Horn, Synth Mallet, TechnoSink Lead, Tekno Pop Lead, TeknoSink Lead, The 5th Vector, Trance Form Lead, Tranceferrance Lead, Trancy Pizz Shot, Tranquil, Tubular Lead, Tundra, Turnback Poly Comp, Unison 5th Saw, Unison Sync Lead, Unlucky Woman, Velo Filter Stab, Vintage Lead 1, Vintage Lead 2, Vintage Lead Mild Square, Vintage Odd-a-See, Vintage Progressive Lead, Vintage SciFi Lead, Vintage Sine Lead, Vocoder VC10, Vox Lead SW1, Voxy Pad, Warm Analog, Warm Pad, Warm-n-Slow Pad, Wet Somber Lead, Whales World, Wikid Lead, Wired Touch Lead, Wispering Sines

Aaah Stereo Voices, Ah Voices, Air Voices, Alpine Voices, Arctic Voices, Cathedral Vox Pad, Choral Pad, Classic Choir, Classical Choirs, Dawn Chorus, Dream Voices, Dreaming of Blue, Female Scat Voice, G Air Voice, G Analog Voice, G Choir Aahs 1, G Choir Aahs 2, G Greath Noize, G Halo Pad, G Humming, G Itopia, G Space Voice, G Synth Vox, G Voice Oohs, Hoo Voices, Light Voices L&R, Male Scat Voices, Meditation Pad, Mix Scat, Monastery Vox Pad, Mongolian Voice, Monks Legato Joystick, Mountain Voices, New Day Voices, Ooh Voices L&R, Oooh Stereo Voices, Ribbon Airvox, Scat Voices, Sing 2 Me, Spectrum Powder, Stereo Voice Pad, Tron Choir, Uh Wooh M&F Voices, VoxFormant, Voxy Lady

2 Vib Flute Ensemble, Airy Shakuhachi, Alto Sax Hard Y Growl, Alto Sax Soft Y Breath, Baritone Sax, English Horn, Flute Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Dynamics, Flute Horn Ensemble, Flute Horn Strings Ens, Flute Oboe, Flute Solo Perf, Gentle Slow Ensemble, Jazz Flute Solo Perf, Jazzy Flute Velo, Jazzy Vib Flute, Magical Flute, Nay, New Vib Flute, Ocarina Classic Tone, Pan Flute Overtones, Pan Wind Flute, Piccolo Flute, Recorder, Sax Section, Shakuhachi XFade, Silver Flute, Slow W Winds Flute, Soprano Sax, Strawberry Flute, Tenor & Alto Saxes Fort, Tenor Sax Hard Y Growl, Tin Whistle, Tron Flute, Troubadour Orch, Vibrato Flute, Vibrato Saxes

Compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Compatible with Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5x Sampler (Please notice: It is NOT Compatible with the KONTAKT Player).
Compatible with all DAWs and music software supporting WAV files.
This is not the hardware instrument, but samples from the hardware instruments, for use to play in the compatible players and samplers.
If you have questions about compatibility, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

These samples are royalty-free for use only in your own compositions and media presentations. They are not for re-sale in sample collections of any form. All of our original Sounds and Samples sample packs include a written license in PDF format.